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Accessibility, Climate, Local Resources, Infrastructure and Physiography

Access to the property is gained via the Eagle River Mine road or Paint Lake road at its intersection with Trans-Canada Highway 17, 50-kilometers north of the town of Wawa. Approximately 40-kilometers southwest along this road, the gate at Wesdome’s Mishi-Magnacon complex prevents further access. Permission is required to use the portion of the road that crosses through Wesdome’s property. At 7-kilometers from the gate, a southeast heading skidder road provides trail access to the property. The Feather River property is accessible by ATV while the BayView property can only be accessed by foot or by air-support.

The climate is typical of northern Ontario, cold dry winters and warm to hot summers, all modified to some degree by Lake Superior to the south. The average mean temperature for the coldest month, January, is -17oC, while the average mean temperature for the hottest month, July, is 13oC. The average annual mean temperature is 1.7oC.
The average annual precipitation for the area is between 800-mm to 1200-mm. September receives the most precipitation at 120-mm of rainfall. Average mean snow depth is between 50-cm to 99-cm, with the maximum snowfall occurring in January. In general, snowfall commences mid to late November and ends mid to late April.

Access Map, Feather River - BayView Property

Local Resources and Infrastructure
The closest town is Wawa, located on Trans-Canada Highway 17, about 42-kilometers west of the property. In 2010, the registered population of Wawa was 2,726, although it is noticeably higher in the summer as a result of the tourist industry.

In terms of mining activity, the area has been very active in the past and is currently experiencing a resurgence of exploration and mine development. The Feather River – BayView property is very favourably situated within an active mining community-infrastructure. The most notable operations in the Mishibishu Greenstone belt are; Wesdome’s Eagle River gold Mine located 15-kilometers southwest of the property. The Eagle River Mine has been in production for 15-years, and has produced 822,373 ounces of gold from 2.7-million tonnes of ore at a recovered grade of 9.6 grams per tonne. The ore processed through the Magnacon mill located 15-kilometers north of the mine is situated en route to the Feather River claims. The Mishi-Magnacon complex located 8-kilometers northwest of the Feather River property, is a mining infrastructure which includes the seasonally mined Mishi open pit gold mine, the ramp accessed Magnacon gold mine and an operating mill. The Magnacon mine was in operation between 1989 and 1990, having produced 40,000 ounces of gold during the period. The Mishi-Magnacon complex hosts a published reserve of 709,000 tonnes of proven and probable material grading 2.6 grams per ton.
The Island Gold Mine operated by Richmont Mines Inc. is located about 70-kilometers east of the Feather River - BayView property in the Michipicoten greenstone belt. This gold mine supports the Krezmar mill rated at 850-tonne per day capacity. The mine hosts a published reserve of proven and possible ore amounting to 818,066 tonnes grading 6.13 grams per tonne. Over 100,000 ounces of gold have been produced from this operation since 2007.
Cautionary Note; The quantities and grades reported for the Mishi-Magnacon complex and the Island Gold mine were sourced from respective current corporate websites. The authors have not been able to verify the information beyond that which is posted on the websites.

The Feather River – BayView property is located in the Canadian Shield, in the Mishibishu Lake area, 11.7-kilometers north of Lake Superior. Three lakes; Mishi, Katzenbach and Augusta serve as the major drainage basin for streams within the area. Katzenbach Lake, at an elevation of 410-meters amsl is partially located within claim 4245158. East of the lake, topographic relief exceeds 80-meters forming small round, steep sided buttes. To the east and north of the knobby terrain, the ground is relatively flat ranging in elevations from 410-meters to 420-meters amsl and is dominated by stream drainage. The Feather River, a relatively small north-south drainage system within the property is controlled by bedrock structure occupying shear zones of recessively weathered phyllo-silicate dominant lithologies. All of the run-off in the area eventually is southward to Lake Superior.

The dominant vegetation is black and white spruce, and in better drained areas jack pine growth is present. Where stream drainage is slow and in more swampy conditions tag alders predominate.

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Feather River - Bayview

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