Feather River - Bayview

Deposit Type

The Feather River-BayView property gold mineralization is modelled as Archean lode gold associated with greenstone terranes, intrusive rocks and regional scale deformation zones. Dynamic hydrothermal fluid systems generating overpressure and fluid-rock interactions can promote ductile shear in less competent units and brittle deformation in more competent lithologies, ultimately, generating channel ways and creating gold mineralizing environments as pressure, temperature and fluid chemistry change over time. Whether the hydrothermal fluid system is generated by regional or contact metamorphogenic processes or by felsic intrusive magmatic-hydrothermal phases, the overriding condition for this model type is the presence of deformation zones with extensional domains that act as favourable sites for gold deposition. On a local scale, mineralization may vary from shear hosted no veining to veining, to distinct dilational vein arrays, to prominent brittle fault vein systems where meter-scale veins develop.

In the context of the Feather River-BayView property, comparative features to the model outlined above include the presence of: a regional scale, highly variable brittle-ductile deformation zone; anomalous gold values, and green mica. Green micas (chromium-vanadium rich) are phyllo-silicates associated with many world class gold deposits, and in Ontario occur in the deposits at the Hemlo and Kirkland Lake gold camps.

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Feather River - Bayview

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