Feather River - Bayview

Stakeholders & Interested Parties

Besides Kitrinor, Precambrian Venture and the Ontario government other interested parties that may have authority of some nature include the; Michipicoten First Nation, and the Missanabie Cree First Nation. As of October 21, 2009, Aboriginal consultation was entrenched in the Ontario Mining Act by Bill 173. Under the ‘Modernized Mining Act’ all activities on mining claims, leases or licence of occupation will soon require the submittal of exploration plans for low impact activities, and exploration permits for moderate impact activities in-conjunction with Aboriginal consultation; Section 78.2 (1) of the Mining Amendment Act. All of the activities planned by Kitrinor would be low impact, triggering work plan submissions and consultation with the above mentioned First Nations.

Property Fabric and Location Map of the Feather River - BayView Property

Claim Map of the Feather River - Bayview Property as of May 23, 2012.

In the area of the Feather River – BayView property; primarily within the eastern half of St. Germain Township, an alienation Order No. W-LL-P1511/02 Ont., known as Nimoosh Provincial Park, is designated as a waterway class provincial park under Ontario’s Living Legacy Land use Strategy. The alienation effective February 22, 2002 has withdrawn from staking the main drainage of the Dog River and a 560-meter buffer zone, 280-meters on either side of the river and affects the Bayview claim portion of the property. The Harper Showing occurs 175-meters west of the buffer’s west boundary and one historic diamond drill hole (M162) is located 96-meters from the buffer. As of the effective date of this report, this alienation does not extend beyond the current buffer zone.

To the extent that is known, and as of the effective date of this report, there do not appear to be any overriding environmental issues or concerns affecting the Feather River - BayView property. The property encompasses a drainage system that has developed numerous streams and small rivers which may be designated as cold water fish habitats. The federal Fisheries Act (1985) protects streams, lakes and hydrological links from sediment input. Areas of concern are lands within 120-meters of a mapped stream where uncontrolled activities can result in sedimentation of fish bearing water. Exploration activity requiring mechanized crossing of such streams requires Ministry of Natural Resources approval and permitting.

Under the “Modernized Mining Act” of Ontario, as of July 1st, 2012, a voluntary permitting process for exploration is scheduled; however as of December 1st, 2012, the process becomes mandatory. Submittal of plans for low impact exploration activities, and exploration permits for higher impact activities will be required. The exploration activities planned for the Feather River - BayView property will trigger an exploration activity plan submission. Regardless of exploration impact or the effective dates for implementation of the new regulations all activity requires First Nation consultation.

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Feather River - Bayview

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