Feather River - Bayview

The Feather River-Bayview property is located in St. Germain Township, Province of Ontario, Canada, approximately 42-kilometers west of Wawa.

General Location Map; Feather River - BayView Property, Province of Ontario, Canada

The Feather River - BayView property consists of 7-staked claims totalling 76-claim units that cover an area of approximately 1,216-hectares. The claims are recorded with the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development Mines and Forestry (MMNDF), in the Sault Ste. Marie Mining Division. They were staked in accordance with Ontario Mining Act Regulations and were properly and duly registered without any declarations of deficiency through the Mining Recorders office. The boundaries were established by normal compass traverse and GPS way-point acquisition. A summary of claim data is presented in the table below, and details of he claims and claim abstracts can be viewed on the MMNDF website.

Table 3: Claim Data as of May 30, 2012

Claim Number

Anniversary Date



Registered Owner

Property Group

4245157 November 5, 2012 6 96 Precambrian Ventures Ltd. Feather River
4245158 March 5, 2013 12 192 Precambrian Ventures Ltd. Feather River
4245159 March 5, 2013 15 240 Precambrian Ventures Ltd. Feather River
4261306 March 18, 2013 6 96 Kitrinor Metals Inc. BayView
4261307 March 18, 2013 11 176 Kitrinor Metals Inc. BayView
4261308 March 18, 2013 16 256 Kitrinor Metals Inc. BayView
4261309 March 18, 2013 10 160 Kitrinor Metals Inc. BayView
Totals   76 1216    

The Feather River property consists of three claims totalling 528-hectares while the BayView property consists of four claims totalling 676-hecatres. The claims are currently in good standing with respect to assessment work filings, albeit claim 4245157 is currently under order of extension for time for work and filing thereof, due November 5, 2012. The earliest due date beyond the extension is March 5, 2013 for claims 4245158 and 424159, at which time a total of $10,800 of eligible expenditures will have to be applied to the claims.

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Feather River - Bayview

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